Congress of Sentient Life Forms

I have wanted to put this together for a very long time.  I have always loved descriptions of extra-terrestrial aliens.  As a child, I was creating new aliens for every science fiction world I saw or read about..  As an adult, with 3d CG as a hobby, I am putting together a listing of the life forms I created, with pictures and text describing them.  My mother was a biology teacher, with a lot of ecological knowledge, and a love of science fiction too.  So, I got a lot of encouragement as a child.


    My inspirations for this page:


Wayne Barlowe, author of Barlowe's Guide to Extra Terrestrials and Expedition.  He is an artist specializing the very lifelike portraits of aliens and other creatures from classic science fiction.  I am using his book as a guide to creating my list of aliens.


David Bryn for his truly ancient and politically complicated aliens in the Uplift Saga series of novels.


H.P. Lovecraft famous author of the Cthulu Mythos.  He is probably the first to describe believable non-human aliens in fiction.  Reading through his books is an education in non-human physiology, most of it icky.


James White's Hospital Station series of books.  He created the most stunning array of sentient life I have ever read about. Best of all, these aliens aren't trying to kill and eat humans.  They are trying to solve mutual problems.


The creatures found below are my own construction.  I try to avoid copying things that already exist in science fiction, as well as trivial aliens who are just humans with bumpy foreheads or wearing animal masks.


(for an RPG run by a friend of mine)

Here is a document describing them.

2163.04.09 - Schematic of the species Annardarsh, showing a human outline for scale.



(Dinosaur people with an obsession for efficiency.  I created these when I was a kid, and updated them when the new dinosaur models appeared.)

2101.11.26 - The first view of an Orchon by a Human.  These three were the command staff of an Orchon scout ship.
Medical reference picture of a female Orchon.  Note that this species has a taboo against appearing naked in public.
Medical reference picture of the head crest of a male Orchon.  The females generally do not allow the males to interact with other species.



(Inspired by an artist's sketch of a gas planet flyer I found on this website...)

2131.04.06 - First picture of a Mneder by a Human.  This group was a science team exploring a human settlement on Zander-239b.
2201.12.03 - Doctor Fwee-Taarg-Bweeb accepts the Galactic Scientific Institute's grand prize for research on interspecies medicine.



Movie  (462Kb) showing a Mneder communicating using it's wings.



(Almost published as the Shcharon-Angrimahd in RPG Star Blade Battalion, energy beings)

2150.07.09 - First picture of a Stellarian. An automated human sun-probe took this picture of a Stellarian grabbing another probe.  This picture is a false color representation taken in the far X-ray spectrum.


All images and text on this page are copyrighted by Stephen Douglas 2009