Enterprise Aleph Null

A few of years ago, a number of very talented artists on Scifi-meshes.com started creating future versions of the enterprise, all kicked off by Picard's line when he ordered the abandonment of the Enterprise-E (paraphrased):  "...There always are more letters of the alphabet..."

"To boldly go where no one has ever dreamed of going before"

Here is my entry:  Saturday, December 10, 2005 - Updated Thursday, May 22, 2008

Commissioned by the Universal Sentient Federation in the 401st century - Launched Universal date 400382.323.11.03.b

Pi-Meson Class – Only one ship was commissioned

The ship used the most advanced technology of the time.

The Pi-Meson class's chaos-engineers entirely did away with both baryonic and fermionic matter, as well as energy fields, as inadequate for the mission requirements.  The hull was a standing soliton wave of coherent 11-dimensional space-time.  It could scale to any arbitrary size from just above Planck Length to just below the size of the Visible Sentient Universe.  In the illustrations above the ship is 10000 meters long.

Here is a short video of the ship following it's ancient ancestral namesake on a mission of information collection.  <<video>>

The ship could duplicate itself.  The exact copies worked in perfect synchronization on many missions and independently on parallel missions.  The duplicates were reabsorbed without loss of data after the missions were finished.  On one mission the ship created 10^968 copies of itself, although this was not considered the maximum number of possible duplicates the ship could create.

The ship could also change configuration in Planck Time as the mission required, or as needed to accommodate the universe visited.  The pictures above are considered the "alpha mode" of the ship.  The alpha mode is the base resting form.  The first picture below is the "beta mode" that the ship used in it's second mission to the Zargonias in the Smektar-Three universe.  (Insert Memory Implant 4943fkkg9sd9fjrmn;m2999d for details) 


The ship’s main drive was a symbolic transaction system of the 81st generation.  It was capable of travel to and through any universe up to Type V, alternate realities of up to Type-Iota-Prime, temporal movement from the Big-Bang to the Big-Crunch (or Heat-Death) in any universe, and near instantaneous space travel within any universe.  The ship transcended through e^pi^(i*2.48828) alternate universes in less than a pico-second.  This is the fastest recorded speed for any symbolic transaction type ship, and badly strained the drive system requiring over 2 seconds of recovery and regeneration time.    (Insert Memory Implant 58589vjglq9d9vfja9w9iek2m for details) 

The ship could hold any number of other beings of any physiological description for any desired missions.  The crew and passengers were stored as information matrices within the ship’s transfinite bounded manifold, in a process distantly related to the ancient transporter.  The passengers and crew could reconfigure their experience of the internal layout and time frame of the ship as needed for any particular mission.  They could rematerialize in any environment required by the mission without fear of harm from the environment.

The crew consisted of a captain.  The initial captain was a gestalt entity of four sentient beings from the Milky Way Galaxy:  a Human from the Alpha Quadrant, an Mechanoid from the Beta Quadrant, a Great Link Member from the Gamma Quadrant, and a Metaphasic Entity from the Delta Quadrant.  The crew was chosen for their ability to smoothly interface with each other and with the ship’s Wisdom Concept System.

Below is the captain in the Central Mission Awareness Node, immediately after launch deciding on the appropriate translation vector to the Ovaltine Universe.  The node is the distant evolutionary descendent of the hopelessly limited command bridge on ancient starships.  The display in the center of the group is created by the Wisdom Concept System.   (Insert Memory Implant 6064kkmvaiisa8e9w8e for details) 


In the three pictures below you can see the crew in their normal duties.  First, the Mechanoid captain adjusting the salient ignition totient elements of the symbolic transaction system drive before launch.  Second, the Great Link captain achieving transcendental union with the Wisdom Concept System as it copies the entire Universal Sentient Federation database.  Third, the Metaphasic Entity captain performing a critical maintenance activity that cannot be described in normal language (Insert Memory Implant wkl2ed0fv9oma-302939dkksla for details).


Below is the Human captain in negotiations with the Toxic Xenomorphs of Invidia Prime.  (Insert Memory Implant 32lkklweif9slaisod32nkkw for details)  You can see the Ambassadorial-Gamma mode as the Wisdom Concept System unerringly translates between the parties.  The success of the negotiation added the largest amount of information to the Universal Sentient Federation up to that time, the universal database increased by almost 0.00002938829%.  (Insert Memory Implant 493049gjmalskdi99v0oa9sdiek for details) 


Because violence was entirely abolished in the 250th century throughout the Universe, the ship was not designed with weapons or shields.  However, the ship was a critical factor in the conflict with B-Concept-Entities from the Blue-Dimension.  These beings were mimetic beings that invaded the thought processes of a wide variety of life forms in our Universe.  (Insert Memory Implant 32898f9sd8f982j3j3nr399s0a0sd0 for details)  The ship withstood influx negative gravity energies of over 10^10^8 ergs, and generated a beam of coherent nullions of 10^10^150 ergs creating an infinite number of new universes that trapped these beings permanently.

The Enterprise Aleph Null is entirely specified by the Engineering Meta-Language Level Three statement:  ENt(giga-find^e)*forth-going(38843)-Infinimax(quaork)+Aptanotic = 0.

It was decommissioned in the Universal date 415823.9932.332.sd.33

It was superseded by the Enterprise Aleph One, a ship that could invest an entire space time manifold using the quantum-foam-viral method.  The Aleph One’s specifications cannot be described in any language less complex than Engineering Meta-Language Level Five.  (Insert Memory Implant 486ioea0sd9fekmt2490a9sdjf for details).

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