Steve's Links

Just some links to places that I think are cool.  They are in no particular order.  If you find that one of them isn't working, please e-mail me.

Sci Fi Stuff

Deviant Art Deviant Art - A place to get fun (are really good) art of all kinds.  I also have my photos on this site for sale.

Starship Modeler - A great place to get info on building SF models.  Real models, not computer ones...

Elfwood - Back after being gone for a few months.  This is the single best place to see amateur sci-fi and fantasy art.


3d Models

These are all good places to get information and goodies.

3d Commune - A community of 3d artists.  

Beware: some pics there are R-rated.

3d Gladiators - Mostly dedicated to Star Trek, but with some other interesting stuff too.

Renderosity - Another community of 3d artists.

Beware: some pics there are R-rated.

Sci-Fi Meshes - A big community of sci-fi 3d artists from all different kinds of sci-fi.


National News

These are all real world links that I have found very useful.
Business Week - so far off the mark that it is funny as source of business and economic news.
Forbes - Interesting business news on an seriously annoying site design
Los Angeles Times - Good news from southern California
Mental Floss - Interesting trivia and interesting info

My - Generally a collection of other web news, but a good summary.

National Public Radio - a real news feed

New York Times - Generally a good news-site, even if they focus too much on the East Coast.

SF Gate - San Francisco's Chronicle and NBC affiliate.

San Jose Mercury News - A nice counterpart to the SF Chronicle, SJMN has a lot on news about the Silicon Valley and the tech world in general. - Although I hate to admit it, this site does a good job of summarizing a lot of other sources, both USA and world.

Langenberg - Not really a news site, but an excellent online dictionary


Computer News

These are news sites that have good stuff on computers and high tech.

I, Cringely His own unique take on the world of High Tech. and - Both are good with scoops on the computer industry. They are slow loading because of the fat and useless graphics, but have good info.


International News

These are international news sites that have a good perspective on the world at large.

BBC News Website - News from the U.K. and world

Asahi Shimbun - News from Japan
The Hindu - News from India - News from Australia


Where to get just about any newspaper website


Real Science

Here are good places to get a bunch of science and technology info.
How Stuff Works - Good explanations for all ages on how things really do work.
Mathworld - Extensive information about all branches of math

Medscape - All things medical, but mostly research on new medicines.  A lot of good information for Medical Insurance and HMO's

Nature British, and much more serious, journal

Paleos - A site showing the 4.5 billion year history of Earth and it's life.

Scientific American The premier scientific monthly magazine

The Scientist - Another interesting journal, mostly on biological stuff.



These take the edge off of the news of the world at large.
LOL-Cats and others - Original photo macros for fun and profit

Timothy McSweeney's Esoteric humor for the intellectual crowd.

Movie Spoiler - Yes, they tell the ending.

The Onion America's Finest News Source - All the fits that's news to print.

Rediculopathy - an amateur attempt at the Onion, with good results
Rotten Tomatoes - Collected reviews of movies.



BuddhaNet  Good source of text, links and other stuff

Internet Sacred Text Archive  Any religious writings you can imagine.