Spaceship Renderings

I want to create a unique ship for every science fiction universe I see. The ships you see below are all ships that I would want to have. 


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Star Trek:  Enterprise

There has been an "arms-race" of people trying to come up with more and more advanced "future" Enterprises.  

This is my entry.


Here is my interpretation of a scout/research ship for the show.


I created a techno organic ship. A thistle plant in my mother's back yard inspired me. 

Blake's Seven

My version of the System Interceptor in the episode "Redemption"

Futurama - work in progress

This is the spaceship "Spunk-Monkey". It was built by the mad scientist Professor Farquar Touching-Monkey, emeritus.

Traveller - Manchu

I was inspired by a book cover painted by the French artist known as Manchu.

Space: 1999

This is a kit-bash of an Eagle. This is the 3d CG version of a hard model that I built.

Here it is on the landing pad.

Star Trek: Animated Series

This is a variation on the Huron freighter.

It also appeared in our RPG.

Star Trek: Enterprise

Another first generation experimental exploration ship from Earth. 

Star Trek: Original Series

From the episode "Way to Eden", this is my version of the Aurora space yacht.

Here it is on a beach.

Star Trek: Original Series

From an RPG we played in high school.

This is our little police ship.

Star Trek: Original Series

This was the ship of our chief enemy,  the dreaded Klingon, Captain Kukamonga

Star Trek: TNG/DS9

This is the upgraded version of the police ship. It turned into a private yacht kind of ship.


**NEWS FLASH:  I just found a place that turned the Thistle into a real model. Here is the model before I started painting it.


All images and text are copyright of Stephen Douglas 2009