What's New on Steve's Web Site?

Here is a list of things that I have done to my web site recently.


05-07-2011 Updated some award winners and pics

09-06-2009 - Added new web page for D&D game renders

08-11-2009 - Updated Hugo, Nebula and PKDick awards, restored Space 1999 Rant

01-18-2009 - Cleaned up links page and added some new stuff.

01-04-2009 - Updated web pages for the new year. Added more reviews.

12/12/2008 - Updates the book reviews.

10/12/2008 - Added a new page - World Fantasy Awards to record my rants about these novels.

10/11/2008 - well I haven't updated in a long while.  I moved my photos to deviant art.  I updated the award winning novels list. Added a new self portrait.  Some other stuff too.

12/29/2007 - Updated Nebula and P. K. Dick award pages, updated and cleaned out old stuff

12/01/2007 - Updated P. K. Dick award page

10/15/2007 - Updated Hugo, Nebula and P. K. Dick award pages.  Added Deviant Art link http://zoxesyr.deviantart.com/.

09/21/2007 - I got a new camera so I updated the entry page picture.  Look for more pics soon.

09/15/2007 - Updated P. K. Dick Award page

04/22/2007 - Added P. K. Dick Award winning novel page in Rants

04/17/2007 - Added a new self portrait - updated Hugo and Nebula award winners

03/17/2007 - Updated all web pages - added new orchid pics - added new fractal pics section - removed some older stuff 

09/17/2006 - Added new SF Wall Mural Pictures

02/19/2006 - Added new SF Orchid Society show pictures

01/29/2006 - Updated Enterprise-Aleph-Null pictures

12/30/2005 - Updated and added links.  Updated dates on all pages.  

12/10/2005 - Added a new spaceship.  Updated Hugo and Nebula awards pages.

07/05/2005 - Added fireworks pictures

07/04/2005 - Added three new rants on science fiction, and updated the Hugo and Nebula awards pages.

05/15/2005 - Added a new page of pictures, and a new spaceship model

03/26/2005 - Updated Hugo and Nebula reviews.  

02/05/2005 - Added a new spaceship rendering.  Updated my intro page.

01/01/2005 - Updated dates on all web pages, updated resume, made minor text tweaks on several pages

10/12/2004 - Added another page of Gundam game pictures

09/08/2004 - Restored my Lyntaris page to my website.  Added a page for my character in Nightwatch.

09/06/2004 - Restored my Five Star Stories page to my website.

07/16/2004 - Added new rendering gallery for Starblade Battalion, and Gundam game pictures.

07/07/2004 - Updated Hugo Novels page, added Nebula Novels page, added camping trip photos.

03/12/2004 - Added new pictures of the SF Orchid Show, Hyde Street Pier, Hugo Novels page, updated Links page.

01/15/2004 - Added new pictures of Coit Tower, Lands End (GG Bridge)

01/01/2004 - Updated a few things, adding more photos.

11/25/2003 - Updated website and moved to a new ISP!  Still under construction for now.

Sorry I haven't updated in a long while. I have been very busy at work.

08/01/2003 - New pictures from the SF Arboretum.  A New Alien Species for an RPG that I am playing in.

12/11/2002 - Added Team Banzai RPG webpages!  

08/03/2002 - New pictures of the PacBell Park and the SF Zoo.  Added a new Poser rendering.  Removed NYC and SFO pictures.

05/07/2002 - Added some new Poser Renderings.  I have been playing so much that I didn't remember to update my site!

03/03/2002 - Added pictures from SF Orchid Show.  Tweaked most of the pages.

02/04/2002 - Added pictures from the Golden Gate Kennel Club Show.

01/12/2002 - Updated my links page.

01/01/2002 - New year, added one new FSS picture just for the fun of it.

11/25/2001 - Added Pictures from my NYC trip, Thanksgiving.

11/04/2001 - Added Pictures to San Francisco, Spaceship and Boddhisattva sections.  Removed the Equinox pages until that game runs.

09/15/2001 - Added a new Boddhisattva picture.

09/05/2001 - Added pictures for a new Alien species.

08/01/2001 - Added a new Boddhisattva picture.  Updated my resume a little.  Added the Equinox pages.

06/25/2001 - Updated my Links page.

05/27/2001 - Changed the San Francisco Pictures.

05/20/2001 - Added a new Boddhisattva picture.

05/15/2001 - Added two new ships to the Spaceships section. Updated the Links page.

04/05/2001 - Updated my links and some pics

03/10/2001 - O.k. after a delay, I have new pictures in the Falkenstein and Bodhisattva sections.

01/20/2001 - Added  to the Spaceships section, and put a new (better) pic of myself up.

12/25/2000 - I have added new pics in the Heroes and Spaceships sections.

11/26/2000 - Recreated my web site using frames.  I hope it is easier to navigate now.

10/28/2000 - Added photos from my trip to New York City.

09/10/2000 - Updated the FSS section of the site, and added a new family photo.

08/28/2000 - Added four new 3d displays to the FSS Mecha page.  

06/26/2000 - Updated a few links.  Changed the introduction picture.

06/05/2000 - Joined the Mekton Z Web Ring for the Gundam 0401 page, Added Dragons to the FSS pages.

05/20/2000 - Added FSS Technology page.

04/25/2000 - Updated my Links page.

04/23/2000 - Got a new computer up and running.  Added to the Falkenstein pages, and to the FSS pages.

01/23/2000 - Updated e-mail links, added new pictures, updated resume

01/20/2000 - Moved to a new ISP!  More updates will arrive soon!  Watch for Five Star Stories updates.

11/18/1999 - Updated the Models page, added a new pic to Five Star Stories

09/18/1999 - Added two new Five Star Stories pages, added a new picture on the photo page

08/24/1999 - Updated Five Star Stories page, added renderings of mortar headds

07/26/1999 - Added two new photos to Stuff about Steve

07/19/1999 - Added Five Star Stories page, with draft character creation system.

06/13/1999 - Added My Photos page, and updated My Resume

05/27/1999 - Updated Stuff about Steve, Gundam Ships, Team Banzai, added model building page

04/23/1999 - Updated Links, Team Banzai

04/08/1999 - Added to Team Banzai

04/07/1999 - Uploaded first draft of web site

03/29/1999 - Working on the new web site

All photographs, images and text are copyright of Stephen Douglas 2011